Thursday, April 22, 2010


Photoshop Cred: The Goose

We have to believe.

-> I expect Donovan to have a big game.  This man is built for the playoffs.
-> Pascal I hope you play like you did before you got hit in the face.  At the beginning of the year I remember being amazed with your quickness around the net.
-> Foligno according to the lines at practice it looks like you are getting a chance... break out the "jump" when you score the game winner.

Don't let this be the last game!

Predictions for Tonight?

3 -2 Ottawa (goals from alfie, foligno and Campoli)


Young said...

I hope you are right Oakes

Also, love the Goose for giving this to us.

We need Jesus on our side

Rob R. said...

4-1 Ottawa
Regin, Spezza, Sutton and Donovan

Oakes said...

Dono scored the first goal of the year and the last one of the regular season for the Sens. Big game player? I sure hope so.

Gooch said...

3-2 Ottawa, RUUUUTU

Not Bates said...

My predictions for tonight:

Bates: 6 beers
Goose: 7 beers
Fields: 5 beers
Jer: 6 beers

..... oh and ottawa loses, i mean cmon like im going to cheer for them to win

Not Bates said...

By the way, that picture is some nice work, i giggled for sure