Monday, April 19, 2010

Well Hello There, Chicken Little


That sucked.

Running around the Sens Blogosphere this morning, I noticed a common trend.

A total lack of swagger, and in some case, hope.

Coming out of the gate, the Sens took one from the Big Bad Crosby's....Ummm I mean Penguins (I get confused when the media acts like they only have one player)

Where was I? Ah yes, we took a game from them. In their barn, without Kovy, without Kuba, in the first game in the playoffs for a lot of our rookies.

And Sens fans believed. We had swagger. In this very blog I titled a blog called Eat It Experts. That's cockiness.

And since then, we lost the second one in Pittsburgh, despite leading for the Majority of the game and Hockey Jesus pulling the win off the goal line, and last night, lost a game where nothing went right.



I am with many of the blogs in thinking that last night may have been a recipe for the most painful/upsetting/frustrating game to possibly watch as a fan. Let's look at the checklist, shall we?

  • Disallowed goal (right call, but was still unlucky that no stick touched it): CHECK
  • Missing of Open Nets (looking at you Cullen) : CHECK
  • Awful Reffing. Just. Awful. : CHECK
  • Dominating play for 30 seconds, the puck goes the other way once and it goes in: CHECK
  • Missed Goaltender interference call on game winner : CHECK
  • Extra frustrating because it's Crosby goal, so no one talks about it : CHECK, CHECK
  • Second game in a row puck gets pulled off the goal line : CHECK
  • Captain gets sat on his ass by the only hit Crosby will ever make : CHECK
  • Forcing plays where there aren't any: CHECK
  • Demoralizingly AWFUL goal allowed less than 2 minutes in: CHECK
  • Fact that McKee was more effective than Leopold : CHECK
  • Fact that Sutton WASN'T because he looked afraid: CHECK
Most importantly, that we lost home ice advantage, just like that. CHECK.

And now, we have no swagger. People are just expecting us to lose. The thing is, without half the list above, the Pens are down 2-1 not up 2-1.

We are due to get some bounces.

So chin up, cheer up Sens fans, the sky isn't falling. Not yet at least.

NOTE: I only could write something like this the day after. If I had done it last night, this would have looked different.

QUESTION: What was the most frustrating part of last night's game? Feel free to let out a rant here.


Anonymous said...

Either the 1 inch away from scoring or Cooke goalie interference non-call. Well, there was quite a bit to be frustrated with actually. Even the Cullen big miss was brutal or Malkin allowed to chop wood.

Jesus said...

The most frustrating part... hmm lets see here. Probably would have to be the the morning after where I have to listen to the huge amount of excuses that Sens fans make because their team is awful. Yes there was a couple bad bounces but, I mean what do you guys expect, without team depth YOU ARE NOT GOING FAR IN THE PLAYOFFS. Back when they had a legitimate first line (Spezza, Alfredson, Heatley) they actually had a shot. Now what kind of first line do they have... Spezza, Alfredson, and.... WHO? Regin? Who the F*** is REGIN?!! Look at teams who actually have a legitimate shot this year, for example the LA kings second line is Frolov, Stoll, Richardson, which i personally would take over Ottawa's so called first line. Yes I realize that Ottawa has some injuries to Michalek, Kovalev, Kuba (but honestly its kuba dont use that as an excuse). But if they had any form of depth they would not have near as much trouble filling these spots that become open from injuries. SO before you go off blaming the refs, Spezza's awesome passing (Don't forget he was your golden boy a month or two ago, but i will save ottawa's bandwagon fans for another rant), or that Crosby happens to be playing amazing right now (seriously have to respect the fact that he has carried his team at certain points in this series) take a look at the blatant holes and problems within the Senators hockey club. Either you fix the problems with your organization or you will sink every time you come into the deep end, also known as playoff time.

Not Bates said...

I heard a rumor that Oakes and Young are currently sexually involved together... confirm or deny?

Judas said...

I fail to see how those are just excuses for a an "awful team" when Sens fans obviously are not expecting to win the cup against the likes of the any of the top 4 east or west teams, they are all far more complete teams with more depth but we do have expectations based on how well they play during the regular season...Like every other team in the league that makes the playoffs. So we are just supposed to be happy we won game 1 and think thats good enough for a team that finished 5th? The frustrating part is when we win game 1 and the rest of our games are filled dubious penalty calls against the Sens that don't go both ways for both teams and a as a result we don't even get the chance to play to our potential from inconsistent officiating. Admittedly, this is nowhere close to the largest problems for the sens, and most people who play hockey get over blaming the refs and realise you get bounces when you work hard, but legitimate momentum killers and tactical disadvantages from refereeing should not be the things that contribute to the result of a playoff hockey game. Sure, more depth would help any team win the cup but we need the players we have now to get a chance to play up to standard we've seen instead of wishing we had other players from other teams.

Young said...

Jesus and Judas, Quite the debate boys.

To Jesus. THanks for your contributions, I get that blaming reffing is ridiculous, which is why i didnt say the sens would win if the reffing was different, I just said it was frustrating. I didnt say anything about spezza's passing (I happen to think Spezza has had a great series, all things considered).

My only contention with your comments is your comment that the sens were a better team with heatley on the first line. I think the team this year finished 6 spots higher in the east without him, and he didnt want to be here anyways.

I like the team we have right now, and I think they are in tough against a good team. They are battling and thats all you can ask for.

Young said...

To Judas

Hilarious name, Im not sure if you picked it after the Jesus commenter, or if you are the same person trying to create a debate for us haha.

Again, as I said above, I dont think its the reffing. Yes, admittedly its been awful, but we are playing a good team, and bounces sometimes go their way.

Im not saying you should be satisfied by one win. I was just saying quitting on the team when its only down two one (when it easily could have been up two-one) is not what we should be doing

thanks for your contributions though!!