Saturday, April 17, 2010

Really TSN?

I usually respect and enjoy what is written on the TSN website, but this is probably the worst and most inaccurate article I have read by such a respected establishment.  We are going to go 6th Sens style where the article is in bold and our thoughts are in Italics.  The link to the article can be found here.

PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Jordan Leopold lay on the ice for several minutes after being levelled by an elbow hit from Ottawa defenceman Andy Sutton late in the first period of their playoff game Friday night, but got up before being helped to the locker room.

...... not an elbow.  When a teammate (Orpik), says it was a clean hit ... wait that doesn't mean much he probably thought his hit on Eric Cole was clean.  But seriously watch the video.... no elbow. 
Several??? really??? more like two minutes.  I don't have several testicles I have a couple.
Leopold was skating along the boards when Sutton upended him with a raised left elbow at 17:41, causing Leopold's helmet to fly off as he left his feet. Sutton's momentum carried him into one of the penalty boxes.

Again with the elbow... it didn't happen, the elbow was tucked in.  Leopold's Helmet stayed on.... And lastly, Sutton only left his feet AFTER contact.
Several Penguins players immediately started shoving Sutton, but no fight resulted. Sutton was not penalized on the play, resulting in loud booing from the Mellon Arena crowd for several minutes.  After the period ended, Penguins forward Mike Rupp shoved Senators forward Zach Smith as Smith was entering a runway leading off the ice. Smith returned to the ice and fought briefly with Penguins forward Max Talbot.

Where the linesman broke up the fight way too soon as it appeared Smith had finally gotten a hand free.
After the period ended, the Penguins said Leopold would not return to the game.  Sutton, then with the Islanders, drew a two-game suspension for ramming Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis into the boards Jan. 19 in Pittsburgh. Dupuis missed one game with facial injuries.

Now that one was dirty.

Thoughts on the hit?


Nichols said...

Appreciate the free The 6th Sens plug, but that format was borrowed from the infamous and awesome

Young said...

I dont get why they published that either, to be honest. Especially when most "experts" around came out and said it was a clean hit.

Surprised you didnt put in the "best assist Bob McKenzie has ever seen".....

though hearing you talk about it this morning, it might have been enough to put you over the top haha