Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Game Day Preview: Battle of Capitals

After a couple exciting days in Sens Land, the boys are back to playing that "hockey" thing. The opponent; a bunch of noname losers.

Or was that Saturday?

All jokes aside, we have ourselves a big one tonight! Sens play in Washington in a battle of the Capitals, and face one of the more terrifying teams in the league in Ovie and his band of Merry Men (who themselves are pretty scary).

The Sens come into this one feeling groovy; 4-0-0 in their last 4 (let's not mention before that), goalie being named first star of the week, young blood being infused into the system and a playoff spot all but locked up.

The Caps come into this one snarly. They got boo'd the other night in their own building losing to the struggling Flames, and lost the game before that in Carolina. Expect their best tonight.

I would break it down the way we usually do, but the Caps, being the top team in the NHL, top the Sens in all categories. That is, except for Ottawa's outstanding penalty kill which dominates the Caps powerplay this year (Caps are 0-8 this year against the Sens). This will take a toll without Volchy, but let's cling to something right?

Players to Watch:

Ottawa: The Kids are alright! This gives me hope for the new kids from this week. Regin and Karlsson are my players to watch tonight. With Volchy out, expect Sutton to get BIG minutes. If thats the case, King K will also end up with a lot of icetime against the leagues best offensive team. Look for him to see if he can keep up his excellent play of late. Regin seems to be getting more and more comfortable in 9MM's spot and should be a threat again tonight.

Washington: Is this even a question? Alex Ovechkin, in my opinion, if the best player in the game today. Watch him, please. Nick Backstrom is having an incredible season as well. As always, watch Mike Green and let's hope the Corvo-Curse is over now that he has been traded out of Carolina.


Young: On paper, this should be a win for Washington. But with the Sens good play of late, Washington's "struggles" and the fact that I'm not sold on the goaltending for the Caps, I think the Sens can win this. Finally, add that I'm a homer and that the Sens are currently leading the season series (and might be sweeping it if not for some tough goals...looking at you Pazzy....). Mix all these ingredients you get:

3-2 Sens

Oakes: I don't want to pick against the Sens. So I won't.

5-4 Sens



tim said...

Do you really think the Caps top the Sens in defense and goaltending?

Young said...

well up until 4 days ago, the sens goaltending was pretty brutal and a huge concern. he's played well recently and thats why I picked the sens. As for the Defense, Offense from Defense they destroy and defensively, with volchy out, I'd say we only have a slight edge.

I'm just saying their goaltending and Defense get criticized often but as the top team in the NHL how bad can they be really?