Thursday, March 11, 2010

The start of a new Consensus in Ottawa (hopefully)

What up.....

Over the last two years my friend and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the Ottawa Senator Blogs. From Senschirp, which I discovered when curious as to if Andrej Meszaros was going to going to resign or not, to the Sixth Sens, who make us laugh daily with their witty analysis. More recently, we have become big fans of the boys on SB nation, SilverSevenSens after the late Sens Army blog reached it's end.

We are students at Queen's University, we are nineteen, we love watching hockey and even more so love talking it. We are actual life time Senator fans who look forward to talking hockey with anyone who will listen.

We don't have contacts. We don't have insider information. We have an opinion, and hopefully some insight that you find interesting. One of us is even kind of funny. Hopefully you find us here and like what you read. If you do, stop by every now and then, and give US something to think about.

Our boys are starting their stretch drive, so let's get to this.

Oakes and Young.

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