Friday, March 12, 2010

Roll Call Volume 1: Flames 2 Sens 0

A friend of ours suggested that we try a roll call as a way to do post-game write-ups. There are a few too many guys to do everyone without instilling boredom, but here are some of my thoughts from last nights game.....

#5 Andy Sutton: This may have been the first game in a sens uni that I got the impression Sutton's footspeed wasn't up to par. He did have a sweet dangle that drew a penalty... so that's something?

#7 Matt Cullen: The other new sen. Something about Neil on his wing doesn't give me the feeling he's being given the best opportunity... but I DO like the way he looks on the right point on the powerplay (in all it's useless glory).

#9 Milan Michalek: In the immortal words of Oakes "For a twenty goal scorer, he sure has trouble taking a pass". Five seconds in, him scoring might have changed this game just a tad. I still think his goal should have counted. Mmm Bitterness.

#14 Camper: Dude, I never thought I'd say this, but come back. Brian Lee needs to go.

#17 Filip Kuba: Some things in life you can be sure of. One of those is that Filip Kuba will do something to upset you when he plays. Right now though, we need him back. Again, Brian Lee NEEDS TO GO.

#18 Jesse Winchester: He had some extra jump tonight, but fact is, he is the odd man out when Foligno comes back unless he proves otherwise. Right now, I don't think he's doing enough.

#22 Chris Kelly: Why didn't you play? I mean... I didn't miss you. I'm just curious.

#24 The Android: Congrats on 1000 blocked shots Anton. Now, if you will kindly sign on this dotted line for a reasonable amount and THEN learn how to handle the puck, I may die of utter happiness.

#25 Chris Neil: Did you do something to get Western Canada mad at you? You have taken a serious beat-down the last two games. I can't wait til Foligno comes back so you can go back to your happy place with Kells and Ruutu, you look lost on a scoring line.

#27 L'Artiste: Buddy, did you and Jason get together over the break, get drunk because neither of you made your Olympic teams and decide that to stick it to the man, neither of you would ever score again? Because that is TERRIBLE LOGIC. Glad I could point this out. Go back to getting points now?

#30 B-Ells: You looked shaky tonight, and while the second goal might have gone off something, that first goal was bad. You are frustrating. You aren't a bad goalie, but we need you to steal some games if we are to go anywhere.

#39 Matty Carkner: I'm sorry man, you know I'm a fan. But rough game. Every time you and that Alien looking kid were on the ice, I cringed. When you get a decent partner back I'm sure you will be fine, but with big Sutt's in town now, you have to prove you are a better option than Campoli. Tonight you didn't do that.

# 43 Peter Regin: I don't know what to say to you. Just... no. It hurts too much right now. You should have had two tonight. Just... score a goal again already? Thanks.

#55 Brian Lee: I have nothing to say to you. Just brag to your friends about the money you are stealing from the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club.

#65 King K: This kid maybe the most talented player in the history of the NHL to have only scored 1 goal. Credited with 3 shots ON goal, and probably 10 more wide or blocked, it is obvious he is our only threat offensively from the back end right now. He is playing well, but he can't do it himself.

So there it is. So many players. So many thoughts. An overall lackluster game from the boys. I just want to see them score goals again. You know, against an NHL team (Edmonton doesn't count).

Here's hoping for more against Luuuuuuu and the Generous Twins in Van City.

PS- One more to add to the rolecall

#00 The Saddledome Icecrew: Broken glass....fix it. No, I get it, its not your fault. Why would you have a replacement for something that regularly breaks?


Anonymous said...

shittiest blog ive ever read, negative this he cant play that, he cant do this. sounds like a whiner balling to suckle a tit.

Young said...

I apologize you feel that way.

The blog was too long, so I took out the write ups for Phillips, Alfie, Fisher Ruutu and Donovan, all of whom I thought played a good game, and that's why it appears to be only negative. thanks for the feedback

Anonymous said...

Hey bud, nice work on the article. I totally dug the roll call and thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire thing through. More articles like this and you just may have a new fan.

Oakes said...

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Holy rip! This blogs a fucking keeper isnt it there bud? Butfuck two four and shit! Lanark County just got internet and we fucking love your shit bud! Its almost as good as muddin! rip fuck....