Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Day: Vancouver

Tonights game is on CBC at 10:00 pm eastern time.

Look for the Canucks to come out absolutely flying after being away from GM place for 14 games. Luongold will get a standing ovation of obscene proportions that will rival the delay two nights ago by the Saddledome glass crew. Here is hoping that his catching arm gets tired from all the waving and he lets a couple in high glove. For the Senators to be successful they must shut down the Sedin line like they did in their last meeting. In their last game against Vancouver the Senators faced Andrew Raycroft winning 3 -1 and getting goals from Spezza, Michalek and Kelly. I like the move to give Pascal the start as he looked good in the game against the leafs. Lets hope he has finally regained his form after repeated pucks to the head from Fisher.

Another Ottawa win --- 3-1 . The Sedin line will once again be held pointless and Karlsson will get his second goal of the year.


Jay said...

I hope they can manage to finish plays tonight as there power play on the road has been brutal! (My apologies for the negative comment last post, I look forward to your post game thoughts.) GO SENS GO!

Oakes said...

No worries with the comments, we read the post back after and realized it was pretty negative. That was not our intention. Hopefully they give us something great to write about tonight.