Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roll Call Volume 2: Canucks 5, Ottawa 1

Another tough road loss leads us to our second roll call... so without further ado...

#4 Chris Phillips: After a very strong game in Calgary, Phillips made some very rare mistakes. Look for him to rebound nicely against the Leafs.

#5 Andy Sutton: Amazing presence of mind to take a puck off the goal-line to help out Snoopy in the first period, that came at a key moment.

#7 Matt Cullen: I don't know if it's just me, but Cullen seems to be very strong in the face-off dot. Still love the way he looks on the pk, but I'm excited to see if he gels with Foligno 5-on-5

#10 SheanDon: I feel like this was a game where his particular skills would have been very helpful, but maybe that's just me having a soft spot for a guy with 3 teeth.

#12 Mike Fisher: would have been nice to see him knock out Luuu tonight with one of those shots. But at least he didn't hurt Pascal?

#19 Jason Spezza: What else is there to say but WOW. That goal should be the highlight of the night. An unbelievably skilled play, and I was glad to see him put one in tonight. For a guy that missed significant time, he will put up 20 this year.

#22 Chris Kelly: Not sure why he was out last game, but I'm not sure I like him with Cullen. I know he struggles at faceoffs, but he is a natural centre, and I think he should be on that fourth line with Neil and Ruutu. We miss that chemistry.

#24 Volchy: How many more shots is this guy going to block? That shot off the hand takes courage. Now if he'd only take a contract extension.....

#26 Ryan Shannon: His speed was on full display tonight against his former team. I just feel he is under-utilized playing with Winchester and Ruutu. I think the speed would be pretty cool with him and Cullen.

#27 Alexei Kovalev: Not much was going right for the big Russian bear tonight. The refs weren't giving him much love (the two roughing penalties...really?) especially when he got dropped in the offensive zone in the third and there should have been a penalty. There wasn't, and he stopped skating the rest of the shift. I know it's been a tough couple games for him (chances that just won't go) but I'd like to see him stick with it

#33 Pascal Leclaire: 5 goals or 2 goals, does not matter. He is the reason the Senators won't be front page for record number of goals against. 17 saves in the FIRST PERIOD... many of them highlight reel. You can't ask much more from your goalie than that. Him not playing the puck on that SH goal to me is a lack of confidence, and the 5th goal he couldn't see around Sutton. Bottom line: your goalie needs to give you a chance to win. After the first period, he had done that. But you can't win if you don't score. (PS that save on Kesler was UNREAL)

#39 Matt Carkner: Would have liked to see him beat Mason Raymond's pretty face in if he was going to get a penalty anyways... but whatever. Wishful thinking.

#55 Brian Lee: Mason Raymond....erased. Who knew Lee could hit like that?

#65 Kid Karlsson: The king title drops for a game, as our boy had an uncharacteristically rough one. I think Kuba coming back soon will take some of the offensive pressure off him, and hopefully he will go back to amazing us in the near future. (PS I just want to see him score! I missed his only goal ever!)

The boys had a tough one today, but they are back home in their happy place (and NOT vomiting) to play the Leafs at home. Stop by here for our new-look preview as we break down the matchup.

PS one more for the roll call

Scott Oake: interview fail. "well I got one on him in the end" "when?" "...the goal?"

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