Monday, March 22, 2010

Game Day Preview: Ottawa at Montreal

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of recaps it has been pretty tough to write about a team that keeps losing. Stop by after the game tonight win or lose, and we will talk about what is going on with the team. Now for tonight, I hate to say that tonights game is a must win...but it really feels that way.

We are a little pressed for time this afternoon so we are just going to do our predictions and the players to watch features.

Players to Watch - Ottawa

Jason Spezza - Absolutely unreal game against the Stars if he puts in half the performance he did on saturday I am sure there will be some very happy Sens fans.

Alex Kovalev - If he is going to break out of his slump this will be the game for him to do it. Alex always seems to excel against his former teams and this is a time he really needs to step up.

Mike Fisher - I have a feeling this will be a close game and with a team leading 6 game winning goals Mike Fisher will factor in on the outcome.

Zack Smith - He should come out flying! I was very impressed with his game(two periods) against the leafs. Lets hope he can score another one of these.

Players to Watch - Montreal

Thomas Plekanec - With 6 points against Ottawa this year the Ottawa defence must be aware when he is on the ice.

Halak - Posting a 6 - 0 - 1 record in his last seven starts is definitely something to take note of. Ottawa must get lots of shots on him early and not let him take over the game.



3-2 Ottawa - For the Sens to break out of this slump they are going to have to win a tough character building game. Look for Smith to give the guys a boost being a new face in the line up. This is a huge game! The division might be out of reach, but fifth place certainly isn't. Go Sens Go.


2-1 Ottawa. I still don't think that Ottawa's struggles offensively will be solved in a couple games, and I think, for the psyche of the team, they need to win a hard fought, close game. That will come in handy in about 10 games. I too think Smith will (hopefully) impact this game in a positive way.

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