Monday, March 22, 2010

A WIN!!!!

Hello to our lovely readers!! (all three of you!) What a glorious day it is! Who doesn't love ending losing ways by soundly beating the Canadians from Montreal? I must say, some of the lack of blogging around here needs to be addressed, and I for one have a confession to make.

It was dark times, the boys had lost several in a row when Oakes and I looked at each other and said, "Shit, they haven't won since we started the blog!". Being superstitious people we are (AKA sports fans) we naturally assumed these two phenomena were connected! Hence the hesitance from us to put up blogs recently! But now the curse is broken! It isn't our fault anymore! Now hopefully you guys can stop by for more than just game day previews! (Lets face it, they are informative, but boring!)

So without further ado, let's give some food for thought to maybe illicit a comment!

#5 Big Sutt's: What a MONSTER game from this goodlooking gentleman tonight. He and his diminutive partner were lit up in Dallas but he bounced back well. Blocked shots, joining the rush and of course, BONE CRUSHING HITS. This game is why we brought him on!!

#7 Matt Cullen: This man is also impressive. He is constantly creating offensive chances. However, as a new guy, if you want to endear yourself to new team mates, lay it all on the line and make the kind of hustle defensive play he made to break up that 2-on-0. Beauty.

#14 Chris Campoli: He occasionally shows why we went out and traded for him last year. Amazing pass to Volchy and generally creating offense. He is making a strong case to stay in the line-up when everyone is healthy.

#19 Spezza: He is stepping up at the right time, showing serious hustle and leadership. It's a pleasure to see you growing up giggles.

#24 Volchy: You seem to sometimes forget you are Russian, and don't seem to be gifted with the hands of your countrymen. (As my dad says, handles the puck like it's a hand grenade). But man, that save you made, changed this game, so I wouldn't have it any other way.

#27 L'Artiste: Come on buddy. Come on. I won't go as far as others on the interweb, but come on.

#30 B-Ells: I'm going to put this out there, but I don't think you played spectacularly. In my opinion, this shutout was a TEAM shutout, not a Brian Elliott shutout. There. I said it. Have at it.

#39 Carks: I'm sorry, but Campoli is doing more to stick in the line-up. Simplify, do your thing. But every time there was a break-down tonight, I felt like you were out there.

#43 The Danish Prince: Simply amazing game tonight, you were flying. It seems like you really fit with the big boys tonight, which is good news considering Milan looks like he'll be out a while. You've got the tools, good to see you using them again.

#65 King Karlsson: Sweet bounce back game kid. SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU REWARDED WITH SOME POINTS. The future is bright with you kid, the future is bright.

Seriously great game by the boys, they had trouble not capitalizing on their chances and with not getting the calls, but they stuck with it, played MUCH better team defence (similar to their streak) and the game ended with me feeling much more positive about the team!

Back at it tomorrow, and another big game. Let's see if the boys can string some together and look strong down the stretch!

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